Take your business to the next level with Cedolo


Kitchens - There's no need to browse the web, or go through your contacts to find your ideal vendor. Save yourself the time and use our platform. We can connect you with vendors with just a click of a button.

Vendors - Marketing campaigns can take a while to create, and contacting key people can often be difficult. What we offer you is the eyes of kitchens and restaurants. All you need to do is upload your catalog onto our platform.


Kitchens - Submit, Select, Confirm. Just three simple steps. Submit your inventory order form, select your vendor(s) of choice, and confirm the transaction.

Vendors - Upload, Connect, Confirm. Just three simple steps. Upload your catalog, connect with potential customers, and confirm the transaction.


Kitchens - We can get you favorable offers free of charge. Why spend time searching when we can connect you to our entire collection of vendors instantaneously?

Vendors - Usage is entirely free. However, a 7% commission will be charged for all completed transactions. You will only be charged this commission if we've done our job and helped you get a customer.


Purchasing supplies will be a lot simpler. Cedolo partners with local farmers

and vendors to give you variety on your supplies. With just a click of a button, we can

give you some of the best options available from our dealers. Choose based on quality or price.

Focus on your customers.

Let us handle the dirty work.


You want more customers. We get that.

Using us as a storefront will give you access to new eyes and ears.

Build your reputation based on price, quality of goods, or quality of service.

Avoid the hassle of making first contact with key people that are often too busy.

Let us bring you more potential customers.

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